Sunday, December 30, 2012

What to Do with Political Lies - Politics - The Atlantic

What to Do with Political Lies - Politics - The Atlantic
Fact-checking was a great development in accountability journalism -- but perhaps it's time for a new approach. It's no longer enough to outsource the fact-checking to the fact-checkers in a news environment where every story lives an independent life on the social Web and there's no guarantee the reader of any given report will ever see a bundled version of the news or the relevant fact-checking column, which could have been published months earlier. One-off fact-checking is no match for the repeated lie.

Fact checking is V-Bi as part of team based transparent journalism, stories living an independent life are like Iv-B loners making money through deception. This Iv-B iterative journalism changes on the margin, the idea is that eventually it will mutate into accurate information but often people are misled reading it before then. Bundling the news is a team based activity, parts of stories cooperate together giving a normal account by seeing outliers as errors.

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