Monday, December 31, 2012

The Growing Power of the Meme - Businessweek

The Growing Power of the Meme - Businessweek

Viral Spiral, a year-old London company, employs a team of researchers to scour YouTube, blogs, and other dark corners of the Web around the clock, looking to sign a video’s creator before his work takes off. “We represent over a thousand videos,” says Chief Executive Officer Damian Collier, a British theater, television, and music producer who has also worked in law and finance.

Look for Iv-B videos that will grow explosively, exponentially, virally, like a contagion, etc. To do this they need to get to them faster than anyone else in a competitive Iv-B race. Innovative videos like mutations might grow virally as B, also Iv counter innovations that mock or refer to a B innovation might also grow virally. For example a new B event might grow virally in the news as funny and then be spoofed as Iv in a counter innovation, as counter humor or satire such as on Saturday Night Live. 

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